Enable 2FA Authentication

We suggest you to enable 2FA authentication in order to protect your account more secure. However, there is no guarantee that your account might be safe 100% due to some factors.

Go to your settings, and search for Security Settings.

Click Click here to Enable in order to activate 2FA of your account.

Now choose Time Based Tokens and Let’s get started.

Screen will display a certain barcode as well the Emergency code you should save it somewhere with safe. We would recommend to save it ie. as image within your document in case you need it.

Prepare your smartphone ie. your Android or your iOS and download for Google Authenticator. You should download the apps for free without any additional charge because it was developed by Google Developers. If it asked for payment, then you need to check it again the apps name exactly.

Now open your newly installed Google Authenticator, and scan the barcode as add a new barcode scan. Wait for a moment, your newly time based token authentication to client area has been successfully generated.

Next time you login to your client area, please prepare your smartphone as additional device in order to generate time based token to login to client area.

NOTES : Please also change your password using strong password, or password generator more than 12 lengths. As well combined with words, alpha, numeric, symbol, uppercase, and lowercase.

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