How to install simple ircd “beware ircd”

This guide will help you how to install one of simplest ircd server which is beware ircd under Centos 7. No need extra knowledge how to install it. Just unzip and run the daemon. This ircd is very perfect for those who need simple chat server network, even it is able to run under 256 MB ram. This ircd also able to run under Windows.

Download and configure

Download and unzip

tar -zxvf bewareircd-linux.tar.gz
cd bircd

Modify config

You can edit and modify server configuration called ircd.conf . What line that need to be modify?'m too lazy to edit ircd.conf::1

I:*@*:3:*@*::1 # Max 3 clients # C-Lines accepting serviecs

O:mask:G26wOktjJIG0[OxXB5PrUlw3:name::10 # Syntax for operator IRC

Please take a note for creating operator IRC line. This need to be configured with your settings. If you wish to gain IRC operator access listening from any IP address and specific password, therefore here is the settings :


You can also modify config called bircd.ini which contains further configuration about IRC channels macro details.

Run the daemon

And then run the ircd as follows


In case you are having difficulties and meet the errors like this :

-bash: ./bircd: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory

Then you need to install glibc.i686

yum install glibc.i686

Once done, you just need to run the bircd daemon ./bircd

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