Install ZNC into your NAT VM

This guide will help you how to install ZNC into your NAT VM. In this part, we will deploy Almalinux 8 as our test environment.

Before we go further, ZNC is one of free opensource IRC server bouncer. This will keep your nickname alive forever, even after disconnection. Before we start, please make sure this package is already newest version.

yum install gcc
yum install openssl openssl-devel

Before we jump into the installation section, it is advisable to use a normal user rather than root user.

adduser znc
passwd znc

Now download the installation. You need to take a look which ports can be used for your znc, because you are eligible to use 25 ports only.

tar -xzvf znc*.*gz
cd znc*
./configure && make && make install
znc --makeconf

Then follow wich port you wish to use for IRC bouncer. You can also take a look at installation section within znc guide as well.

Now you can connect to znc from your IRC Client.

/server your-server your-port
/pass user:password

Done, it asy as 1-2-3 step.

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